[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#490410: Bug#490410: Bug#490410: xfce4-xkb-plugin: Same issue with us, cz keyboard layout, more details, workaround

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Wed Oct 8 06:40:30 UTC 2008

On mer, 2008-10-08 at 08:23 +0200, Jan Capek wrote:
> > Jan:
> > For your case, that's another story, and thus another bug. What
> puzzles
> > me is that when you described the situation in your first mail, it
> was
> > kind of exactly that (no init before keypresses).
> > When you say that layout switching is working *before* Xfce is run,
> how
> > do you try that?
> I meant the gdm - which is already an instance of X, right? In the
> login 
> dialogue in gdm, I am able to switch keyboard layouts using the
> shortcut 
> specified in my xorg.conf (see below for the relevant snippet).

> Cheers,

> Please, note that it if I specify e.g. 'de,cz' instead of 'us,cz' in
> the 
> xorg.conf, the xfce4-panel would start the plugin but the plugin would
> see 
> the default 'us' layout. I am wondering if this whole thing could be
> some 
> unfortunate synchronization issue during the whole startup sequence
> that 
> causes the plugin to get the wrong information from X..

The thing is, the display started from gdm belongs to X, while later
it's owned by $user. In startxfce4 case it's owned directly by $user.

I'm not really sure what happens here…

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