[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#522957: Bug#522957: Bug#522957: xfconf: There are major problem with the way keyboard settings are dealt with.

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Tue Apr 7 22:15:58 UTC 2009

On mar, 2009-04-07 at 23:43 +0200, Luca Niccoli wrote:
> 2009/4/7 Yves-Alexis Perez <corsac at debian.org>:
> > Yes, basically when Xfce “manages” the keyboard (in fact it just tells X
> > which layout to use), xmodmap is a really bad idea (I think xmodmap is
> > deprecated anyway. one is supposed to use xkb stuff I think. Or maybe
> It's not reported in the xmodmap man page, anyway as long as xmodmap
> is shipped with xorg I don't thin this behaviour is acceptable...

Well I don't really know about xmodmap anyway. I just report my feeling.
Basically it seems like a bad idea.

> I don't think so, I tried shortcuts like Shift+F1 or even "a", no help.

MHmh ok. Anyway xmodmap is pretty invasive, so if multiple systems are
in the way (xmodmap, xkb, libxklavier, …) it may not be that surprising
that things don't quite work like they should.

> >>  I deselected "Use system defaults" and rebooted, but still the
> >> shortcuts are ignored. Actually, I see that the kyeboard layout is still not
> >> being set by xfce: I can choose any layout, I'm stick with the one X loads.
> >
> > If you select “use system default” then yes you have to configure the
> > layout in X, using the “kbd” driver.
> I *deselected* "use system default", and nothing changed.
> > Well, if you select the correct one in the Xfce settings, then it'll
> > work.
> It doesn't. Changing layout has no effect. Again, "use system
> defaults" is deselected.

No effect, like, you can't set the shortcut, or the layout doesn't
change? You change the keyboard layout or the keyboard model?

> >> I tried resetting the shortcuts (which I don't have a way to save, anyway,
> >> and this is a regression from 4.4), to no avail.
> >
> > What do you mean by “save”?
> In the previous version you had the possibility to save different
> shortcut profiles.

Yes, and basically it was used by quite nobody, was confusing and hard
to maintain and integrate, so that's why Xfce devs decided to drop it.

> > Could you try using a consistent setup (either layout set from Xorg and
> > “use system default” or select a keyboard layout in the list (even
> > selecting “evdev” one). And yes you may have to re-configure the
> > keyboard shortcuts, but that's not really Xfce fault, the underlying X
> > architecture is problematic.
> I don't find the evdev layout in the list.

Sorry, it's a keyboard model, not layout. It's at “Evdev managed

> And it's not a problem of configuring the shortcuts.
> The plain don't work.

Plain? What do you mean? You can't type anything?
Oh and could you attach your xorg.conf just in case? And be sure to try
with a fresh user and/or config to be sure no setxkbmap or xmodmap is in
the way, maybe.

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