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Tue Apr 21 15:07:30 UTC 2009

current behavior) look reasonable. Does thunar use hal for something
else than acting as a "dependency proxy" to thunar-volman ? Because if
it doesn't, then the recommendation on hal should be moved to thunal-volman.

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        <pre wrap="">I'm leaving the bug open until we decide wether it makes sense or not to
add hal to thunar-volman recommends/dependencies.
    <pre wrap="">Looking at the thunar-volman code, I think it should definitely add a dependency
on hal, as it will be basically useless without.
  <pre wrap=""><!---->
Sure, but isn't thunar-volman useless without thunar anyway (thunar
already recommends the hal daemon)?</pre>
thunar-volman depends on thunar, which depends on libc6, so there's no
way you could install thunar-volman without pulling libc6. Still, libc6
is added as an explicit dependency on thunar-volman because without it,
thunar-volman could never run.<br>

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