[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#525909: Bug#525909: shutdown with hal not working

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at uvena.de
Tue Apr 28 07:41:37 UTC 2009

On Tue, 28 Apr 2009 08:35:24 +0200, Yves-Alexis wrote:

>On mar, 2009-04-28 at 08:02 +0200, Enrico Tröger wrote:
>> [W] ci-tracker.c:366: Error doing GetSessionForUnixProcess on
>> ConsoleKit: org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.GeneralError: Unable
>> to lookup session information for process '2465'
>> Process 2465 was xfce4-session.
>Does this happen everytime. I mean, does this happen if you completely
>quit the session and retry? Does this happen with another user? Does

Yes, it happens everytime and yes it happens also with a newly created

>this happen after a manual reboot? The powerdev group is not needed

Yes. I always do a 'manual reboot' in terms of su -c "halt" or su -c
"reboot" as HAL doesn't do it for me :(.

>anymore if you use policykit + consolekit, iirc (and anyway there's no
>more dbus stuff for handling the powerdev group).

Ok, I just re-used it as I had to use it before with the old HAL stuff.

Some more information:

I noticed my previously posted PolicyKit.conf was invalid XML by a
copy&paste mistake. After cleaning it(attached for reference) up I get:

[09:34] enrico at ukio (0): ~/src$ polkit-auth 

[09:35] enrico at ukio (0): ~/src$ polkit-config-file-validate 
[09:35] enrico at ukio (0): ~/src$ 

[09:35] enrico at ukio (0): ~/src$ polkit-action --action
action_id: org.freedesktop.hal.power-management.shutdown
description:      Shut down the system
message:          System policy prevents shutting down
the system
default_any:      no
default_inactive: no
default_active:   yes

I guess "message:          System policy prevents shutting down" is not
really what I want.

With an empty PolicyKit.conf I get no output at all from polkit-auth.

>> I'm on Debian Testing with:
>Debian Testing doesn't really have a consistent situation wrt. Xfce so
>it might be related too. Which Xfce packages versions do you have?

Self-compiled SVN version (currently the same as 4.6.1).


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