[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#525945: Bug#525945: Bug#525945: Bug#525945: thunar fails to remount removable media when running as daemon

Scott Barker scott at mostlylinux.ca
Tue Apr 28 14:44:55 UTC 2009

On 04/28/09 08:27, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> When running as a foreground process, you didn't quit between the first
> connect and the second one, did you?

In both cases (daemon and foreground), I left the thunar window open as 
I unmounted, removed, reconnected and tried to remount the device.

> It looks to me like a hal problem (device correctly appears in the
> kernel logs, but not in hal).

Sorry - I should have noted that in the case of running thunar as a 
daemon, it wouldn't even mount the device the first time I reconnected 
it, so the log I sent in that case does not show repeated insertion and 
removal. It seems that once a device has been inserted, mounted, and 
unmounted, thunar as a daemon can no longer mount it anymore, while 
thunar as a foreground process can. Doing lshal -m while thunar is 
running as a daemon, and inserting and removing the device repeatedly, 
hal is noticing it every time, while thunar continues to not mount the 

> I don't think thunar caches anything. It relies on hal events to notice
> that a removable device appeared.
> What's weird is that thunar influences hal, which seems really very
> weird.

I just tried something different - I launched thunar as a daemon from a 
terminal window, and then everything worked fine. So, the difference 
seems to be launching thunar as a daemon via the window manager. I've 
been launching it by going to the menu and choosing Settings -> File 
Manager, which launches /usr/bin/Thunar --daemon if it is not already 

Of course, I've also been launching thunar from the window manager menu 
as well (directly in the top-level menu as File Manager), so I'm not 
sure what is different about how thunar is invoked between those two menus.

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