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Nemy's territory three-fourths of the time and, after the first quarter,
it was simply a question as to the size of the score. When at last the
game was over, they had run up thirty-two points, and the ball had never
once been within twenty yards of their own goal. The criticisms on the
game in the Sunday papers had dwelt upon the impregnable defense and
slashing attack of the "Blues." On the same Saturday the "Greys" and
"Maroons" had also met redoubtable antagonists, and although they won,
the scores were small and the playing by no means impressive. The
general consensus was that on the form already shown, the "dope" favored
the Blues in the great games yet to come. While admitting the wonderful
work of some of the men who had starred in their positions, special
stress was laid upon the smoothness and accuracy of the team work as a
whole. This of course was balm to the coach, all whose efforts had been
directed toward making individual work subordinate to the development of
a coherent system of team play, and he began to see the reward of the
untiring labors that he had given without stint for the six weeks
preceding. Reddy went about his work with a complacent smile, and the
boys themselves were jubilant at the way they were rounding into form.
Then suddenly the blow fell, to be succeeded by others no less
paralyzing. "Have you heard the news?" exclaimed Drake, as he burst in
upon Bert and Dick on Monday evening, as they were preparing their
lessons for the following day. "What is it?" they cried in chorus.
"Axtell and Hodge have been conditioned and forbidden to play until they
get up with the rest of the class," was the answer. "No," said Bert
incredulously. "Sure thing," affirmed Drake. "I had it straight from the
boys themselves not five minutes ago. They sure are in the
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