[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#515186: xfdesktop4: Please only recommend xfce4-utils

Elrond elrond+bugs.debian.org at samba-tng.org
Sat Feb 14 15:05:07 UTC 2009

Package: xfdesktop4
Version: 4.4.2-7
Severity: wishlist


xfdesktop4 currently depends on xfce4-utils. This is so
some of the menu entries work in the xfce menus.

I forcibly deinstalled xfce4-utils and the major parts of
xfdesktop4 package can still be used:
- The menu plugin in xfce4-panel works
  (except of course the few entries, where the program is
- All shipped programs seem to work fine:
  xfce4-popup-menu, xfdesktop, xfce4-menueditor

Note: thunar (needed for the "File Manager" menu item)
already is only Recommended. So I think, this is fine for
xfce4-utils too.

The Policy Manaul about Recommends:

          This declares a strong, but not absolute,

          The `Recommends' field should list packages that
          would be found together with this one in all but
          unusual installations.

In other words: Anyone not installing a "Recommends"
accepts a small breakage. In this case the breakage is "not
working menu items". Not good, but "unusual installation"
is a perfect term.


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