[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#510351: Bug#510351: xfwm4 fails to sent keyboard events to the xtightvncviewer vnc session

Jelle de Jong jelledejong at powercraft.nl
Thu Jan 1 14:55:25 UTC 2009

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Hi Daniel,

Thank your for your response,

>> Package: xfwm4
>> Version: 4.4.2-5
>> Severity: normal
>> xfwm4 fails to sent keyboard events to the xtightvncviewer vnc
>> session
>> When starting xtightvncviewer with -fullscreen on a system that runs
>> the xfwm4 window manager the keyevents fail to go to the svn session.
> Do you do more than fullscreen?  Does it do the same thing when you
> start not fullscreen and go fullscreen later. Do you have more than
> one monitor?

I have done some more testing, and yes when I start not fullscreen the
keyevent works fine, when going fullscreen the events are lost and I
can't use the keyboard in the vnc session (F8 also does not work I use
^C to terminate the svn session)

My test environment are two asus eee pc one eee pc 901 running x11vnc
server with only vga output and 1440x900 visual buffer (xorg) and one
eeepc 701 client lvds with 800x600 visual buffer running xtightvncviewer
over several ssh gateways.

But I don't think the the server side is to blame, xvnc4viewer did
worked fine with both x11vnc and xfwm4. I think there is a issue with
the keyboard grabbing with xfwm4 and xtightvncviewer

> I ask these questiong because I am another use who has tried
> xtightvncviewer while using xfwm4 and I didn't have the problem you
> described, except when I clicked on my second screen and then was
> unable to send keyboard events to xtightvncviewer, however I believe
> that to be a tightvnc problem not xfwm4 (it has also happened to other
> users).  
> Are you sure it's the window manager?

I cant be 100% sure that is is the window manager, but it is a
combination of the window manager and the xtightvncviewer. That is why i
also posted this bug report:

I have read you have done your fair amount of remote windows systems to
so you may have a better idea why it is not working as hoped.

Any ideas or other thoughts,

Best regards,

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