[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#526804: thunar-thumbnailers: Please build-dep on grace6

Barry deFreese bdefreese at debian.org
Sun May 3 16:52:50 UTC 2009

Package: thunar-thumbnailers
Version: 0.4.1-1
Severity: normal


Can you please update the grace build-depends to grace6?  Both grace and
grace6 are in the archive and are orphaned and it would be nice not to
carry both in the archive.  Currently thunar-thumbnailers FTBFS with 
grace6, though it appears that, that is because the binaries have been 
renamed to grace6, gracebat6, etc.

Another option might be for me to remove grace and add a Provides for 
grace in grace6 with proper symlinks?

Thank you,

Barry deFreese
Debian QA

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