[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#529212: Bug#529212: Bug#529212: xfce4: randr function doesn'twork with settings manager

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Mon May 18 08:31:42 UTC 2009

On lun, 2009-05-18 at 10:17 +0200, vitaminx at callistix.net wrote:

> # dpkg -l | grep xfce4
> ii  libxfce4mcs-client3                  4.4.2-4                     Client library for Xfce4 configure interface
> ii  libxfce4mcs-manager3                 4.4.2-4                     Manager library for Xfce4 configure interfac
> ii  xfce4-icon-theme                     4.4.2-1                     Xfce Standard icon theme
> ii  xfce4-mcs-manager                    4.4.2-3                     Settings manager for Xfce4

> ii  xfce4-mixer-alsa                     4.4.2-3                     Xfce4 Mixer ALSA backend

Could you remove 4.4.2 stuff (especially mcs), make sure it's not
running, and retry. I don't think it should matter, but it's worth it.

I'll try with my x31 to see if I have problems with radeon too.


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