[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#552168: Pressing eject button on DVD-drive results in error message

Boris Hollas boris.hollas at gmx.de
Fri Oct 23 21:14:58 UTC 2009

Package: thunar-volman
Version:  0.3.80-2

System: Debian testing
            kernel 2.6.30-2-686
            Fujitsu Lifebook E8110 (Intel Core Duo T2300)

Pressing the eject button the DVD-drive results in the message : "Failed  
to eject "/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_model_DW_224E_C.  Given  
device "/org/freedesktop/Hal/devices/storage_model_DW_224E_C" is not a  
volume or drive."

How to repeat:
- start xfce with startx
- insert DVD
- wait until DVD is mounted
- press eject button

It is possible to eject the DVD by clicking "Eject volume" on the DVD  
desktop item.

When pressing the eject button, the system should either unmount and eject  
the volume, or report that the volume is mounted. The present message is  
not useful.

Additional information:

~% dpkg -l|grep hal
ii  hal                                  0.5.13-3                    
Hardware Abstraction Layer
ii  hal-info                             20090716-1                  
Hardware Abstraction Layer - fdi files
ii  libhal-storage1                      0.5.13-3                    
Hardware Abstraction Layer - shared library
ii  libhal1                              0.5.13-3                    
Hardware Abstraction Layer - shared library

~% dpkg -l|grep thunar
ii  libthunar-vfs-1-2                    1.0.1-1                    VFS  
abstraction used in thunar
ii  thunar                               1.0.1-1                    File  
Manager for Xfce
ii  thunar-archive-plugin                0.2.4-4                     
Archive plugin for Thunar file manager
ii  thunar-data                          1.0.1-1                     
Provides thunar documentation, icons and tra
ii  thunar-volman                        0.3.80-2                   Thunar  
extension for volumes management

~% dpkg -l|grep xfce4
ii  libxfce4menu-0.1-0                   4.6.1-1                     
freedesktop.org compliant menu implementatio
ii  libxfce4util4                        4.6.1-1                     
Utility functions library for Xfce4
ii  xfce4                                           
Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Deskto
ii  xfce4-appfinder                      4.6.1-1                     
Application finder for the Xfce4 Desktop Env
ii  xfce4-mixer                          4.6.1-2                    Xfce  
mixer application
ii  xfce4-panel                          4.6.1-3                    The  
Xfce4 desktop environment panel
ii  xfce4-session                        4.6.1-1                    Xfce4  
Session Manager
ii  xfce4-settings                       4.6.3-1                     
graphical application for managing Xfce sett
ii  xfce4-systemload-plugin              0.4.2-3                    system  
load monitor plugin for the Xfce4 pan
ii  xfce4-taskmanager                    0.4.1-1                     
process manager for the Xfce4 Desktop Enviro
ii  xfce4-terminal                       0.4.0-1                    Xfce  
terminal emulator
ii  xfce4-utils                          4.6.1-1                     
Various tools for Xfce

~% dpkg -l|grep eject
ii  eject                                2.1.5+deb1+cvs20081104-6   ejects  
CDs and operates CD-Changers under Li

/home/boris# sysv-rc-conf --list
acpid        1:off	2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on
alsa-utils   0:off	6:off	S:on
aumix        0:off	1:off	2:off	3:off	4:off	5:off	6:off
avahi-daemon 0:off	1:off	2:off	3:off	4:off	5:off	6:off
bootlogd     S:on
console-setu S:on
cpufreqd     0:off	1:off	2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on	6:off
cron         1:off	2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on
dbus         1:off	2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on
gdm          0:off	1:off	2:off	3:off	4:off	5:off	6:off
hal          1:off	2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on
halt         0:off
ifupdown     0:off	6:off	S:on
ifupdown-cle S:on
keyboard-set S:on
killprocs    1:on
loadcpufreq  2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on
module-init- S:on
mountoverflo S:on
networking   0:off	6:off	S:on
policykit    S:on
pppd-dns     S:on
procps       S:on
rc.local     2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on
reboot       6:off
rmnologin    2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on
rsyslog      0:off	1:off	2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on	6:off
sendsigs     0:off	6:off
single       1:on
slim         0:off	1:off	2:off	3:off	4:off	5:off	6:off
stop-bootlog 2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on
stop-bootlog S:on
sudo         2:on	3:on	4:on	5:on
udev         S:on
udev-mtab    S:on
umountfs     0:off	6:off
umountroot   0:off	6:off
urandom      0:off	6:off	S:on
x11-common   S:on

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