[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#547438: Bug#547438: xfce4-settings: Autostart of added applications are also started in KDE sessions

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Sun Sep 20 13:10:51 UTC 2009

On dim, 2009-09-20 at 15:06 +0200, Simon Dreher wrote:
> Hello Yves-Alexis,
> >> in the settings dialog for the automatically started applications, I
> >> added xfce4-panel (as it was neither in the list nor automagically
> >> started as I was used from some updates before).
> > 
> > It's a bad idea anyway. xfce4-panel supports session management, so it's
> > restarted automatically.
> But why then it was no more started? The last time I used xfce4 (some
> debian updates ago), it was automagically started, but then
> dissappeared. Then I tried this, as some other components seemed to be
> started this way.

Remove all your autostarted xfce4-panel stuff. Start xfce4-panel if it's
not already started, make sure there's only one instance (should be ok
but…). Then go to the session management settings, check everything's
there, and click “save session”.

Then, logout Xfce, and log back in. It should bring xfce4-panel back. My
guess is that, for some reason, xfce4-panel was dropped from the

> >> But now, any time I
> >> start a KDE session, the Xfce4-Panel is also started so that I have to
> >> kill it at every startup.
> [...]
> > 
> > Can you attach your .config/autostart/xfce4-panel.desktop (or something
> > like that)?
> It is:
> Xfce4-Panel.desktop
> --8<----8<----8<----8<--
> [Desktop Entry]
> Encoding=UTF-8
> Version=0.9.4
> Type=Application
> Name=Xfce4-Panel
> Comment=
> Exec=xfce4-panel
> StartupNotify=false
> Terminal=false
> Hidden=false
> -->8---->8---->8---->8--

Ok so it's “normal” it's started even in KDE, as there's no OnlyShowIn
key. I'm not really sure it's a good idea to manage (in the session UI)
the various environment. But if you'd like some support like (“autostart
only for Xfce”), please report that upstream directly, with a
wishlist/enhancement severity), to see what they think of the idea.

I don't run multiple environment so I can't really say, but the apps I
autostart here would make sense even outside of Xfce. Maybe some of the
desktop apps would be different under KDE, but not under GNOME, so I
don't know if I'd really find that setting useful (there's always a way
to edit the desktop file and add the missing key, even if it's less

Anyway, upstream call on that :)


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