[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#576962: Bug#576962: xfdesktop4: Sometimes screen lock fails

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Tue Apr 27 13:03:00 UTC 2010

On 08/04/2010 17:04, Torquil Macdonald Sørensen wrote:
> Package: xfdesktop4
> Version: 4.6.1-1
> Severity: normal
> I have configured "xflock4" to run when I use the keyboard shortcut
> CTRL ALT Delete
> This is done within the XFCE keyboard settings. 

This is the default binding for Ctrl-Alt-Delete anyway. It seems to work
fine for most people, at least.

It works most of the time, but
> not always. When It doesn work, an error message appears in .xsession-errors:
> ** (xfdesktop:2000): CRITICAL **: xfdesktop_file_icon_manager_delete_selected:
> 	assertion `selected' failed

Hmh, it doesn't really seem related. xfdesktop has nothing to do with
that, so I wonder why it should be link. Are you 100% confident that,
each time you press ctrl-alt-del (well, each “failed” time), the message
is displayed in .xsession-errors?
> However, while the screen lock function doesn't work, some of my other keyboard
> shortcuts do work, e.g. my assignment of amixer to the keypress XF86AudioLowerVolume 
> Another thing: when the screen lock shortcut does work, it doesn't matter which
> application has the keyboard focus. When it does not work, and I have
> xfce4-terminal in focus, I think it prints "~7" on the command line when I press
> CRTL ALT Delete.

HMmh, strange. Maybe check you don't have a conflicting application
running or multiple shortcuts bound to ctrl-alt-del?


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