[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#564694: Bug#564694: xfdesktop4: Crash when moving desktop icons on secondary screen

S. Raase s.raase at arcor.de
Sat Feb 6 00:48:45 UTC 2010

Hello again,

>>>> For your information, I do not use the TwinView feature for DualHead of
>>>> the nvidia driver (which essentially implements some Xinerama), but
>>>> instead the basic way of X11 using one server and one x-screen per real
>>>> screen. These screens are completely separate.
>>> Then I fail to see how it can't be reproducible with another driver.
>> Tell me of a driver which can product two X screens on one server and
>> I'll try. I've just never seen some other driver for hardware I posess.
> Well, if it's not a specific feature of nvidia driver, all. If it's a
> specific feature of the nvidia driver and we have no way to debug it,
> end of the story.

It is called "zaphod mode" and supported by a few drivers. As drivers 
move over to XRandR they often remove support for this mode as well 
(intel, radeon) on the way; most don't have it yet.

Again, I see "xfdesktop4" crashing, not the nvidia driver. There are a 
few other annoying things happen on the second screen as well (like: I 
cannot click on two different items in the task bar until I move the 
mouse pointer out of the whole bar and then in, else my click will be 
ignored). You see nvidia crashing (it doesn't).

> But, as said before, I'm not really interested with debugging on a
> binary driver.

I'm interested in getting bugs fixed and I am willing to help if I can.

Seems I can't.

Best regards,
S. Raase

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