[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#570122: thunar: doesn't respect locales

Ivan Vassin vassin.ivan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 17 02:20:22 UTC 2010

Since I use openbox, Thunar is started on startup from autostart.sh.
The line says "thunar --daemon &".

I tried:

$thunar -q
$export LC_MESSAGES=es_ES.UTF-8
$thunar --daemon

then open thunar from the openbox menu. Same result.

I also tried doing just:

$thunar -q

then open it from the openbox menu. Did the same procedure opening it
from the terminal. Same result.

Then I installed the Lenny version and it didn't have that problem, it
worked normally, displaying all menus in spanish in all windows.

The menus in Squeeze version have some entries in english and some in
spanish, for example the menu "Editar" has everything in english (cut,
copy, paste, etc.), but the last line says "Preferencias" - which is
in spanish. If I then open another Thunar window, all menus and
dialogs are in english.

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