[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#564694: Bug#564694: xfdesktop4: Crash when moving desktop icons on secondary screen

S. Raase s.raase at arcor.de
Mon Jan 11 16:19:07 UTC 2010


> please let 564694 at bugs.debian.org on CC:
OK, I'll try.

>> I did not test with vesa or nv, because vesa does not allow DualHead and
>> nv uses the xrandr-Extension for DualHead modes. In both cases there is
>> no second X screen (:0.1) and it would not apply there.
> Yeah but there's a 99% chance the bug is caused by a binary blob there's
> no way to debug. Anyway DualHead doesn't look at something supported,
> wether by X server or clients, if it's a proprietary nvidia stuff.

nv on my system does not allow DualHead at all, neither does vesa and 
the problem does not apply on screen :0.0 or :1.0, but it does on screen 
:0.1 and :1.1. (I did not try nouveau, last time it just core dumped.)

The problem did exist with nvidia driver version 185.18.36 and it does 
with 190.53 as well.

I strongly suspect the nvidia driver of not causing the crash, but 
instead a mis-handling if xfce4 is been used on multiple x-screens. 
Can't test this theory though, because I don't know how to create 
different screens with another driver.

For your information, I do not use the TwinView feature for DualHead of 
the nvidia driver (which essentially implements some Xinerama), but 
instead the basic way of X11 using one server and one x-screen per real 
screen. These screens are completely separate.

Anyway, I am running Debian/testing as of today, 2010-01-11. The crash 
has been there for at least a few days, although I have no idea when it 

I'll attach my xorg.conf, as well as Xorg.0.log to this mail.

>> I don't know how to get a backtrace, do you have some howto?
> http://wiki.debian.org/HowToGetABacktrace + some help from google about
> the X window system error.

I do not know where xfdesktop4 is started or how to start it manually 
inside gdb, so this information is helpful but not useful to me.

If you can help me getting a backtrace I am willing to help, but I 
cannot provide you with further information right now.

Best regards
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