[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#547623: txt/doc file confusion bug

A. Wintcher arwintcher at googlemail.com
Tue Jan 26 22:37:30 UTC 2010

Hello, just chiming in to say that I have this same bug.  I found the 
report at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=547623 
through google.

I'm using Thunar as a replacement for Nautilus for most file operations 
because it is so much faster.  My system is Ubuntu 9.04, 64 bit.  I have 
noticed that if I tell a .doc file to open with OpenOffice, then other 
.txt files will also try to open in OpenOffice.  In Nautilus the files 
behave as expected, however.

Unlike the above posters I *do* have two copies of mimeinfo.cache and 
defaults.list (in home/amandav/.local/share/applications and 

Here are the results of the other two commands:

amandav at amandav-laptop:~/Inbox$ xdg-mime query filetype Confirmation\ 

amandav at amandav-laptop:~/Inbox$ gvfs-info Confirmation\ information.doc
display name: Confirmation information.doc
edit name: Confirmation information.doc
name: Confirmation information.doc
type: regular
size: 1669197
   standard::name: Confirmation information.doc
   standard::type: 1
   standard::size: 1669197
   standard::allocated-size: 1671168
   standard::display-name: Confirmation information.doc
   standard::edit-name: Confirmation information.doc
   standard::copy-name: Confirmation information.doc
   standard::content-type: application/msword
   standard::icon: application-msword, gnome-mime-application-msword, 
x-office-document, application-x-generic
   standard::fast-content-type: application/msword
   unix::device: 2051
   unix::inode: 80292
   unix::nlink: 1
   unix::uid: 1000
   unix::gid: 0
   unix::rdev: 0
   unix::mode: 33279
   unix::block-size: 4096
   unix::blocks: 3264
   time::modified: 1257159496
   time::modified-usec: 0
   time::access: 1257499082
   time::access-usec: 0
   time::changed: 1257261793
   time::changed-usec: 0
   etag::value: 1257159496:0
   id::file: l2051:80292
   id::filesystem: l2051
   owner::user: amandav
   owner::user-real: Amanda Wintcher Vince
   owner::group: root
   access::can-read: TRUE
   access::can-write: TRUE
   access::can-execute: FALSE
   access::can-rename: TRUE
   access::can-delete: TRUE
   access::can-trash: TRUE

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