[Pkg-xfce-devel] XFC in pkg-xfce

Bo Lorentsen bl at lue.dk
Fri Mar 26 22:24:03 UTC 2010

Hi ...

Sorry for all the silly questions, but I am not quite sure how to 
proceed with this xfce package building, and I hope someone will be so 
kind as to guide me in the right direction :-)

After some time, I now have updated xfc in goodies to be able to build 
using svn-buildpackage, and I now like to see if I can make it all build 
together, using the pbuilder, on a local i386 vm (kvm).

But that keeps failing (performed as a normal user (bl) in dir : 
~/svn/pkg-xfce/scripts/pbuilder :

$ sudo apt-get install pbuilder debootstrap fakeroot svn-buildpackage 
cdbs quilt

$ ./pdebuild-sources.sh desktop

/home/bl/svn/pkg-xfce/scripts/pbuilder/xfce/base-sid-i386.tgz is 
missing. Use './pdebuild-sources.sh create' to create it

$./pdebuild-sources.sh create
Creating base-sid-i386.tgz

/home/bl/svn/pkg-xfce/scripts/pbuilder/xfce/base-sid-i386.tgz is 
missing. Use './pdebuild-sources.sh create' to create it

but it still does not exists, and it will not build.

the xfce/log/pbuilder-create-errors.log file contains :
sudo: invalid option -- '-'

I have tried to read README but I still seems to mis something.

Are there some kind of build server, where I can see the status of each 
package, or is this done locally only ?

Is a package ok, if lintian dont complain about a package ?


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