[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#653834: dpkg: update-alternatives removing manually selected alternative on upgrade

Raphael Hertzog hertzog at debian.org
Sat Dec 31 12:42:16 UTC 2011

reassign 653834 xfce4-session

On Sat, 31 Dec 2011, Arno Schuring wrote:
> I noticed the following when doing a regular safe-upgrade from aptitude:
> Preparing to replace xfce4-session 4.8.2-1 (using .../xfce4-session_4.8.2-2_i386.deb) ...
> update-alternatives: removing manually selected alternative - switching x-session-manager to auto mode
> update-alternatives: using /usr/bin/gnome-session to provide /usr/bin/x-session-manager (x-session-manager) in auto mode.
> Unpacking replacement xfce4-session ...
> And, indeed:
> $ /usr/sbin/update-alternatives --query x-session-manager
> Link: x-session-manager
> Status: auto
> Filing as minor because I do not know what the expected behaviour is, but this does not follow the principle of least surprise to me.

There is nothing wrong in dpkg here. Reassigning to xfce4-session since
dropping the alternative at each upgrade is not a very nice behaviour as
you rightfully noted.

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