[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#607968: Bug#607968: xfce4-panel: xfce-panel appears as normal window

Fred Smith fredsmith9666 at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 4 02:44:35 UTC 2011

How do I check what version of glib was installed before to use backports on it?

Note, using backports to upgrade xfce4-panel fails to install anything. I tried 
both install and build-de, build-dep errors, install just doesn't install 

aptitude -t lenny-backports install xfce4-panel
aptitude -t lenny-backports build-dep xfce4-panel


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normal window

On lun., 2010-12-27 at 04:42 -0800, Fred Smith wrote:
> Yves-Alexis
> Thank you for the response. I can't upgrade to xfce4-panel 4.6.3 because even 
> though I've updated the package list my system says I have the most recent 
> version of xfce4-panel. I tried again this morning to verify. I haven't had the 
> chance to look up how to revert glib yet. If you have easy instructions for how 
> to revert glib, or suggestions on why I can't see the most recent package list 

> I'd appreciate them.
>     > apt-get install xfce4-panel
>    xfce4-panel is already the newest version. 

Use backports, like you did for glib?


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