[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#626224: Bug#626224: xfce4-power-manager: Empty spots in the notification area

Julien Valroff julien at debian.org
Thu Jul 7 19:13:13 UTC 2011


Le lundi 06 juin 2011 à 13:57:22 (+0200 CEST), Yves-Alexis Perez a écrit :
> On lun., 2011-06-06 at 12:00 +0200, Christophe TROESTLER wrote:
> > Starting with kernel (as opposed to for which the
> > bug does not occur), when the computer wakes up from "suspend", the
> > notification area shows two empty spots (see attached image).  A line
> > "Message: applet now removed from the notification area" is present in
> > .xsession-errors.  According to the tool-tip that displays when one
> > moves the mouse on them, it seems that these empty spots are due to
> > xfce4-power-manager.  And indeed, killing it removes them all.  They
> > also got removed if I restart my window manager (fluxbox).  The same
> > happens with version 0.8.5-2. 
> It'd help providing logs from xfpm (running using --no-daemon and
> --debug), but as you might have seen in this bug, I'm out of idea. I
> never reproduced it on xfce4-panel, so it might be a bug in the
> notification area code (either in awesome/fluxbox or, more probably, in
> xfpm, though I don't have a clue where).

As explained in #632812, I have the same issue using openbox as WM and
tint2 as a systray.

This leads to think the issue is in xfpm and not in the systray.

I have also noticed that the extra space gets larger each time the computer
gets back from sleep.


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