[Pkg-xfce-devel] Upload of Xfce 4.8 to unstable

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Wed Mar 23 14:51:19 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-03-06 at 18:26 +0100, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> Hey RT,
> now that all the Xfce 4.8 bits have been accepted to experimental, we'd
> like to upload to unstable. As it's a new major upstream release,
> there's quite some dependencies involved, so I guess you're not against
> having a little summary so we can coordinate that upload in order to not
> break any ongoing transition.
> Here's a summary:
> * libxfce4util stays the same but adds symbols files
> * libxfcegui4 is deprecated, replaced by libxfce4ui, but a libxfcegui4
> stays for a while for packages not yet ported. A “private” library
> previously shipped in libxfcegui4 is now shipped by libxfce4ui
> (libxfcekbdprivate), the glade files are shipped in libxfce4ui as well.
> Breaks/Replaces have been set accordingly
> * libxfc4menu is gone, replaced by garcon
> * exo bumps soname from 0.3 to 1 and now ships a symbol file
> * thunar has been ported to gio/gvfs and thus the thunar-vfs layer has
> been dropped (but is still provided for compatibility as a new source
> package). A symbol file is provided in Thunar
> * xfce4-panel has seen a huge rewrite and the ABI has changed, meaning
> all plugins need to be rebuilt against the 4.8 panel (all panel plugins
> right now have a dependency on xfce4-panel (<< 4.7), after the rebuild
> they'll pick the right xfce4-panel dependency. Some binNMUs might need
> to be scheduled but we mostly have source uploads anyway.
> * xfconf adds a symbol file
> and I think that's all for the lib-related stuff. There are 24 source
> packages for the core and a bit more than 40 for panel plugins and
> goodies.
> What do you need from us (info, schedule etc.) and how can we
> synchronize with you so we don't make you hate us? Right now we'll wait
> for an ack anyway but as we have quite some people asking us about 4.8
> in unstable, the sooner will be the better for us :)

this is a friendly ping about 4.8 upload (I know you're quite busy, as


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