[Pkg-xfce-devel] ispell 3.3.02 uploaded to unstable (was: Re: ispell 3.3.02 uploaded to experimental)

Robert Luberda robert at debian.org
Tue Mar 29 21:37:36 UTC 2011


I've uploaded ispell 3.3.02 to unstable this evening. The version
declares breaks against all arch:any ispell-dictionaries:

Breaks: iamerican (<=,	// Done - build from ispell sources
        ibritish (<=,	// Done - build from ispell sources
        ibulgarian (<= 3.0-12),
        iczech (<= 20040229-5),
        idanish (<= 1.6.25-1),
        iestonian (<= 1:20030606-12.1),
        ifinnish (<= 0.7-17.3),
        ifinnish-large (<= 0.7-17.3),
        ifrench (<= 1.4-25),		// Done - QA upload
        ifrench-gut (<= 1:1.0-27),
        igaelic (<= 0.50-7),
        ihungarian (<= 0.99.4-2),	// Done - QA upload (Ubuntu has 1.2.0,
but most
                                        // probably this version doesn't
work properly even
                                        // with older ispell anyway)
        iirish (<= 2.0-20),
        iitalian (<= 1:2.3-2),
        imanx (<= 0.50-8),
        inorwegian (<= 2.0.10-3.2),
        iogerman (<= 1:2-26),
        ipolish (<= 20100612-1),	// Done - my package
        irussian (<= 0.99g5-8.1),
        iswedish (<= 1.4.5-2),
        iukrainian (<= 1.6.0-1)

If your package is on the above list, could you please rebuilt it
against new ispell? Please make sure to declare both Build-Depends, and
Depends on `ispell (>= 3.3.02)'.

Hopefully your packages should rebuild without any troubles. However
please be aware of minor incompatibility in buildhash. The

    buildhash ${dict}.dict ${dict}.aff ${dict}.hash

command used to create two additional files i.e. ${dict}.dict.stat and
${dict}.dict.cnt. With the new buildhash:

 - the *.cnt file is gone (if your Makefiles needs it, create it with
`wc -l < ${dict}.dict');

 - the *.stat file  is now ${dict}.stat (i.e. the .dict extension got
stripped out).

Martin-Éric Racine writes:
> Why does Debian even bother with ispell anymore, considering that
> almost everything out there has been converted to use aspell or
> myspell instead of ispell, plus the FSF considers aspell as the only
> GNU -supported spell checker?

Oh. I don't know if Debian as a whole cares about ispell. Personally,
I've taken over the package because I actually use ispell (and prefer it
over aspell), and wanted to learn git. Also, according to popcon, ispell
is still a bit more popular than aspell.


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