[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#682581: slow keys setting leaks into sessions

chrysn chrysn at fsfe.org
Fri Aug 17 09:50:49 UTC 2012

reassign 682581 gdm3
retitle 682581 slow keys setting leaks into sessions
summary 682581

gdm3 enables some x accessibility settings that can easily be
triggered and confuse users of desktop environments that are not (like,
i presume, gnome is) configured to show further information when that

while this behavior can be circumvented by the user as described in
#657969, it is very hard for the user to discover. (myself, i only found
out after several incidents and tuning the xorg loglevel that it's *not*
my keyboard that is just breaking, and i heard similar stories on
freenode's #xorg.) furthermore, as the particular
eight-second-keeping-shift-pressed trigger is often found with video
games, this bug can spawn a bunch of bug reports with the respective
applications, which have a low chance of ever being solved.

if gdm3 enables accessibility helpers and provides notifications for
them -- great! but it should not assume that every other desktop
environment is set up in the same way (why should it -- if you need slow
keys, you'd barely use Xmonad, for example) and should disable what it
turned on in X again before control is passed to the  user's session. a
gnome session spawned by gdm can re-enable the slow keys, if it is
(automatically) configured to do so.

bug-management-wise, i'm taking the liberty to reassign this (as there
has not been further activity after reassignment was suggested by
yves-alexis), and i do not fully agree with the duplicate marking
suggested by conrad, not because it's not describing the same problem,
but because i think the solution there is incomplete because it puts the
responsibility on the user and not on the display manager (as outined

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