[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#695332: Eject and Unmount USB flash drives

Carr, Michael debugs at mamacoche.net
Fri Dec 7 09:06:17 UTC 2012

Package: thunar
Version: 1.2.3-4+b1
Severity: wishlist

Upon migrating to Wheezy, I noticed that thunar handles flash drives
differently with respect to drives that have multiple partitions.  I
routinely use flash drives with multiple encrypted partitions; however,
sometimes I may include a non-encrypted fat32 partition to share/swap data
between different operating systems and different computers.  In wheezy,
thunar no longer has the option to just unmount a partition.  If eject is
used, then the whole drive gets ejected and disappears.  Thus the only way
to use the flash drive again is to reinsert it.  In Squeeze, a user was
able to umount / mount partitions and eject the drive when finished.

Here is a link from xfce.org about the issue that Yves-Alexis Perez may

Question: Is it possible to bring back the unmount plus eject

Here is my particular use case that I am providing in support of adding the
feature back (in reference to the xfce 'ejecting' USB flash drives

I volunteer with a non-profit organization and use a single 16GB flash
drive, divided into multiple encrypted partitions, to separate various
types of data.  For example, one partition contains business email (active
and archived years), another contains documents, and another contains
working / draft files for various projects.  I divide a single drive
because it doesn't make much sense to use a multi-GB drive if the files
will only ever take up a small percentage of the space available.  When I
need to access a partitions I will mount it and use until I am finish.
Sometimes, I find that I do need to go back into a partition that I already
have unmounted to add some other files or continue on a project.

I marked the severity as whislist due to the nature of the 'bug'; however,
if a different level is more appropriate then please feel free to change.


--Michael P. Carr Jr.
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