[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#664208: Info received (xfce4-cpugraph-plugin: System load graph shows 100% load on unloaded cores, but cores are actually idle)

Stefan Erben stefan at erben.com
Fri Mar 16 19:29:29 UTC 2012

Dear Maintainer,

I had time to compile it and did sometesting.

It turns out, that the total value exceeds the 32bit unsigned data size
of gulong:

$ while true; do grep "^cpu " /proc/stat; sleep 0.5;done|awk '{ used=$2+$3+$4+$7+$8; total=used+$5+$6; printf "used=%ld total=%ld load=%ld\n",used,total,256*(used-prevused)/(total-prevtotal);prevused=used;prevtotal=total}'
used=121149519 total=4480532061 load=6
used=121149529 total=4480532362 load=8
used=121149537 total=4480532651 load=7
used=121149547 total=4480532929 load=9
used=121149557 total=4480533268 load=7
used=121149568 total=4480533570 load=9
used=121149577 total=4480533821 load=9
used=121149590 total=4480534188 load=9

cu, Stefan

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