[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#664161: Bug#664161: xfce4-terminal: session manager does not recognize "--maximize"

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Sat Mar 17 16:33:19 UTC 2012

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On sam., 2012-03-17 at 10:21 -0600, James wrote:
> > As far as I remember, the “maximized” state is a property of the window
> > manager. Which one are you using?
> compiz-core 0.8.4-5.1

> > In terminal case, xfce4-terminal uses a single process for all windows,
> > so any --maximize argument passed to the process is completely
> > irrelevant.
> Sorry, I don't understand.  What other "case" is there for a terminal
> emulator?  Hmm, perhaps you meant "role"?  I see that the session command line
> has "--role=Terminal-0x..." and that "man xfce4-terminal" has
>  --role=role
>   Sets the window role of the last-specified window to role. Applies to only
>   one window and can be specified once for each window you create from the
>   command line. It is mostly used for session management inside Terminal
> The man page fails to illiterate the available "roles" and fails to explain
> the meaning of "role=Terminal...".  A quick look at google fails to provide
> any further insight.  What is "role=Terminal..."?

You're over-complicating things. xfce4-terminal uses only one process
for every window, that's all.
> Also, "man xfce4-terminal" has
>  Window or Tab Separators
>   --tab
>   --window
>    Open a new window containing one tab; more than one of these options can be
>    provided.
> and
>  Window Options
>   --maximize
>    Set the last-specified window into maximized mode; applies to only one
>    window; can be specified once for each window you create from the command
>    line.
> So, when xfce4-terminal is started from the command line, why does the command
> line argument "--window --maximize --window --maximize ..." become irrelevant
> in "terminal case"?  Trying it, it seems to work as expected, so, I'm not
> understanding.

It's not, indeed.
> > Here, the maximized status is correctly restored (either by
> > xfwm4 or xfme4-session) so I guess it might be a kde issue.
> "ps waxl" says that the xfce4-terminal process being is started by kdeinit4,
> and the xfce4-terminal command line which is generated is rather complex,
> describing very explicitly the previous state of the xfce4-terminal session,
> seemingly including everything _except_ "--maximize".

Ok, so KDE session manager is not correctly restoring that state.
> I did try cutting and pasting the xfce4-terminal command line from "ps",
> leaving out what appears to be a session ID number extension following
> "Terminal" in "--role=Terminal", and it works perfectly.

> And, playing around with different numbers of windows and tabs on the command
> line, with and without "--maximize", "--maximize" seems to do exactly what
> would be expected, noting the importance of distinguishing "--geometry=<some
> large size>" from "--maximize".
> So, it seems rather obvious that the problem is a missing "--maximize"
> somewhere in the regenerated session command line.
> Did you mean to suggest, when saying that xfwm4 or xfme4-session correctly
> restores the maximized status, that there is an explicit "--maximize" option
> on the command line?  And that the resulting window is actually "maximized",
> noting the window-decoration maximize-button state, and is not just a "large"
> geometry window?
> And then, which process generates this session command line, xfce4-terminal or
> kde4?  Can you confirm that kde4 is responsible for generating the
> xfce4-terminal command line, and then presumably failing to check for
> "maximize" state?
> BTW, can you say anything about the window size when maximized? Is the window
> suppose to fill the entire area available?  Or only up to some multiple of
> character sizes, with empty space around the outside?
> Thanks
> James

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