[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#666061: Bug#666061: xfce4-power-manager: not locking screen on lid close when a second monitor is attached

Arian Sanusi arian at sanusi.de
Wed Mar 28 13:57:05 UTC 2012

> By the way, how exactly did you setup xfpm? Especially, what is selected
> in “When laptop lid is closed” in both “on AC” and “On Battery” tabs,
> and is the checkbox “lock screen when going for suspend/hibernate” in
> “Extended” tab.
On AC: "when laptop lid is closed:" : "Lock Screen"
On Battery: "when laptop lid is closed:" : "Suspend"

I also attached the corresponding part of xfce4-config. I guess it only 
has the settings I changed from defaults, so that's these two plus 
action on power button is set to ask for action.

> Mhmh, by the way, when you close the lid, does the system go to sleep or
> not?

It does so when it is configured for this, i.e. with the settings I have 
now when AC power is unplugged.

I permutated the 2x2 possibilities:

	AC	Battery
Suspend	works	works
Lock	not w	not workign

and for completeness: I'm using xscreensaver.
When I don't have the external monitor, the only thing changing in debug 
output is:

> TRACE[xfpm-manager.c:317] xfpm_manager_lid_changed_cb(): LID close event: ((XfpmLidTriggerAction) LID_TRIGGER_LOCK_SCREEN)
> xscreensaver-command: activating and locking.

the xscreensaver-command is not there with 2 monitors.

regards, arian

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