[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#688598: Bug#688598: xfce4-power-manager: Notification icon actions are not configurable

José Salavert Torres jsalavert at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 14:37:47 UTC 2012

El 25/09/12 15:33, Yves-Alexis Perez escribió:
> On mar., 2012-09-25 at 15:21 +0200, José Salavert Torres wrote:
>> 1) There are two scripts to suspend from console: "pm-suspend" and
>> "pm-suspend-hybrid" , both in package pm-utils.
>> When I suspend using xfpm using the notification area icon, I have
>> found that the "pm-suspend" script is called by default .
>> That script does not work on my machine, but if I rename
>> pm-suspend-hybrid to pm-suspend the suspend process using xfpm works
>> again.
> Note that pm-suspend-hybrid is just suspending after taking a ram
> snapshot for hibernation. So what you really means, I guess, is that
> suspend fails while hibernation works, and that's an issue in your
> kernel (or X drivers or something).

pm-suspend-hybrid is just suspending my device, not hibernating, and you can not unplug the laptop using this method.
This suspend method is an hybrid. The wake up process is also way faster than full hibernation (seconds vs about a minute or more).

>> But renaming a file is not a user friendly way of selecting the
>> suspend method.
>> Maybe it would be possible to allow the user to select the suspend
>> method (pm-suspend or pm-suspend-hybrid) in the applet, is there only
>> one kind of dbus suspend call available?
>> If so maybe we should notify this to upower package mantainer.
> A quick look in dbus methods offered by upower shows that it only have
> suspend() and hibernate(), yes.
How should I notify then the upower mantainers, should I open another bug?
How can we involve them in this discussion?
>> 2) This is a wish. I would like to setup the xfpm to suspend my
>> computer when plugged and hybernate when running on batteries. Is this
>> possible?
> Well, you can configure various options for when you're on AC and when
> you're on battery in the settings interface.

Yes but it seems that I can not specify a different method for each:

plugged -> suspend
unplugged -> hibernate

There are more options in the advanced tab, but the inactivity option 
seems to be shared.
Maybe this is different in the lastest version of XFCE.

We can split the two topics, because the second has severity wishlist 
and should be in another bugreport.
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