[Pkg-xfce-devel] NetworkManager Applet: excessive dependency problems

Bob Bib bobbibmpn at mail.ru
Sun Aug 4 00:17:46 UTC 2013

Hello Debian Xfce maintainers!

It looks like the 'task-xfce-desktop' package depends on the 'network-manager-gnome' one.

Unfortunately, currently there's an excessive dependency problem with 'network-manager-gnome'
(it recommends 'gnome-bluetooth', which since recently pulls GNOME3 core components, see the bug discussion):

IMHO, NetworkManager Applet is a necessary component for Xfce (still light-weight) desktop,
so I suggest to support my proposal
(to lower the 'gnome-bluetooth' dependency priority to "Suggests" for 'network-manager-gnome'),
and thus save Debian users from installing hundreds of megabytes of unused packages.

Best wishes, Bob

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