[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#713898: Bug#713898: Tumbler segfaults on video files

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Mon Jul 1 19:26:59 UTC 2013

On lun., 2013-07-01 at 18:19 +0200, Javier Cantero wrote:
> Dear Maintainer,
> This bug is also present in Jessie:
> [ 9696.193804] pool[4896]: segfault at 40 ip 00007f7b9c5ab047 sp 00007f7b97bccc20 error 4 in tumbler-gst-thumbnailer.so[7f7b9c5a8000+5000]
> [10307.656870] pool[4938]: segfault at 40 ip 00007f9906cc5047 sp 00007f99022e6c20 error 4 in tumbler-gst-thumbnailer.so[7f9906cc2000+5000]
> [10461.865382] pool[5043]: segfault at 40 ip 00007f7d488c8047 sp 00007f7d43ee9c20 error 4 in tumbler-gst-thumbnailer.so[7f7d488c5000+5000]
> [10680.487960] pool[5102]: segfault at 40 ip 00007fd7aac55047 sp 00007fd7a6276c20 error 4 in tumbler-gst-thumbnailer.so[7fd7aac52000+5000]

Could you provide a backtrace or at least a file which causes the
issue? Does the file play fine with a gstreamer based video player?
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