[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#712482: task-xfce-desktop recommends unavailable package xfprint4

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Sun Jun 16 11:12:12 UTC 2013

On dim., 2013-06-16 at 13:05 +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> Andreas Schneider <schneider.andi at gmail.com> (16/06/2013):
> > Package: task-xfce-desktop
> > Version: 3.16
> > Severity: normal
> > 
> > The task xfce-desktop recommends xfprint4. This package is not available
> > anymore (except for m68k) since it has been removed from unstable. Quote:
> > "Bug#710041: Removed package(s) from unstable". Therefore please drop the
> > recommendation.
> given a few xfce components are being updated those days, I guess it
> makes sense to ask xfce maintainers what they want to see in the xfce
> task. Adding them to the loop so that they can comment.

Actually it already has been dropped from git
(http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=tasksel/tasksel.git;a=commitdiff;h=b057b6e59b3b20aa124cd08c5ca0a657e40c810a) but it's just missing an upload.

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