[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#712884: xfdesktop4 panel and window placement regression

dAgeCKo dagecko at free.fr
Thu Jun 20 13:55:57 UTC 2013

Package: xfdesktop4
Version: 4.10.2-3
Debian: Testing amd64
Regression: Yes

On Xfce 4.8 when I enter a 'real' fullscreen application (for example a 
game), and when leaving this application, xfce panels are set back to 
the right location, and full-window programs (like xfce terminal) are 
set the right screen/monitor location.

However, on Xfce 4.10, the bottom-right panel is slightly moved at the 
left. And full-window terminals are moved to the left screen/monitor.

Here I joined a screenshot of my right screen/monitor to show the 
position of the bottom-right panel when leaving a fullscreen program. 
Normally, this panel is located at the bottom-right corner.

A right-click on it, and choosing properties, makes it move to its right 
position (no need to choose anything else in the menu).
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