[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#711507: Final solution?

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Mon Jun 24 20:47:18 UTC 2013

On lun., 2013-06-24 at 22:25 +0200, Camaleón wrote:
> I just can't. When I select the separator, right-click over it and 
> select "move" I see a red pipe which can be positioned "but" it does not 
> stay where you put it, it gets stuck exactly at the middle of the other 
> applets/buttons.
> My panen layout is:
> buttons/launchers  workspace area  window buttons | volume applet system tray  clock
>                                                   ^
>                                                   ^
> Separator remains "fixed" here ...................^ exactly at the 
> middle of the window buttons and volume applets.
> (see attached image)

Actually, the separator expands and cover the whole area, the bar at the
middle can be made transparent if you don't want it. Is that what you

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