[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#664247: Bug#664247: xfce4-notifyd: notifications never die

Petr Gajdůšek gajdusek.petr at centrum.cz
Thu Jun 27 21:13:18 UTC 2013

So 17. březen 2012, 15:40:20 CET
Juha Jäykkä <juhaj at iki.fi> napsal:

> > > If I try to send a notification to xfce4-notifyd, the notification
> > > stays on the screen until xfce4-notifyd is killed. This happens
> > > regardless of the default timeout set with xfce4-notifyd-config.


I am curious if you can reproduce this issue with xfce4-notifyd from
unstable (0.2.4-2). There was bug that caused notification timeout not
working if the timeout was shorter than the fade time - 800ms. E.g.
`notify-send -t 5 test`. Enabled compositing was required to trigger
the issue and it is fixed since 0.2.3.

Another issue is xfce4-notifyd-config shows 1s default timeout even
if the real default is set to 0 (never) or negative number (should
default to 10s though). So if you run xfce4-notifyd-config and there is
1s and you close it without changing, the timeout may be actually
disabled (0). 

If I remember correctly I experienced even more serious malformat
of xfconf expire-timeout value - probably floating point number. But I
cannot reproduce it now or track the fixing commit git, so maybe I am
dreaming, it was log time ago, if even.

Anyway, I recommend to check what `xfconf-query -c xfce4-notifyd
-p /expire-timeout` really says.


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