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Blogging is a way for people to express how they
feel on the internet but it can also be a great
way to make money. Though you may not see it as a
way to make money, it is still something that you
can do as a fun hobby. Here are some of the
blogging basics and how you can get started with
your blog.

Find A Niche 

Before you make a blog, you will need to know
what your niche is. A niche is basically what
your blog is going to be about and it is
important that you choose a niche that will get
some traffic. You have to find a niche that is
not too saturated but also not too unknown.
Choosing a niche like baseball can be very common
but it is a better idea to try and get specific
by choosing an actual baseball team. You will
need to find a niche that you can constantly
write about and something that you truly have a
passion for.

Stay Consistent 

Choose a day of the week where you will release
your next post so that you will be able to let
your readers know when to expect a new post. You
will need to stay consistent because you will
most likely not have readers to begin with but
you will need to remember that they will come. Do
not base your success off of comments and views
and base it off of how consistent you are.

If you are able to get these blogging basics
down, then you will be able to start blogging.
Starting and running a blog is really not that
tough and as long as you choose a niche that you
have a passion for, you will never get sick of
making blog posts.

Much Success!
Jenny Foster

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