[Pkg-xfce-devel] network-manager-gnome: wants to install tons of unnecessary gnome stuff

Bob Bib bobbibmpn at mail.ua
Sat Sep 14 02:03:31 UTC 2013

tags 719967 - upstream
merge 714803 719967

Just to remember, the current GNOME-NM dependency nightmare is quite trivial:

"network-manager-gnome" recommends "gnome-bluetooth",
"gnome-bluetooth" recommends "gnome-control-center",
"gnome-control-center"  recommends "gnome-session",
"gnome-session" recommends "gnome-shell" etc.

To deal with it, we should decrease the priority of some package dependency
from "Recommends:" to "Suggests:".

There is a number of choices:

1) move "gnome-bluetooth" to "Suggests:" for "gnome-control-center";
effects: "gnome-bluetooth" is not automatically pulled by "network-manager-gnome":
 a) effects on GNOME3 -- none:
"gnome-core", "gnome-shell" & "gnome-user-share" packages currently have "gnome-bluetooth" in "Depends:"!;
 b) effects on any other desktop environment users: they should probably install some Bluetooth manager
manually (or maybe desktops like Xfce should recommend "blueman" or whatever, but it doesn't matter now).

2) move "gnome-control-center" to "Suggests:" for "gnome-bluetooth";
not acceptable: gnome-bluetooth uses gnome-control-center for its settings;

3) move "gnome-session" to "Suggests:" for "gnome-control-center";
effects are unknown to me.

IMHO, the solution 1) is the most painless one,
so I am merging bugs 719967 &  714803...

Best wishes, Bob

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