[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#736964: [lightdm] Password is shown in clear text while typing

Kestrel kestrel at vmail.me
Sun Apr 13 17:36:38 UTC 2014

I think I have narrowed down the problem, reproducing it with live 
lubuntu 13.10 which uses lightdm 1.8.5.

When an account that does not require a password to login is 
preselected, password entry is clear text. Select a different account 
that also does not require a password and it is still clear text. Select 
an account that requires a password however and password entry becomes 
hidden and remains that way for all subsequent account selections.

Account preselection can be disabled with 'greeter-hide-users=true' thus 
ensuring password entry is always hidden.

Of course when a password isn't required, clicking the login button is 
sufficient, but nothing prevents the user from entering their password 
anyway. It is very easy to mistakenly or accidentally fill out the 
password field with it being displayed in clear text for others to read.

I tried to recreate this issue on live lubuntu 14.04 Beta 2 which uses 
lightdm 1.9.13 and was unable to, so it seems to have been since fixed.


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