[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#754850: upower 0.99 drops support for non-systemd

Andreas Henriksson andreas at fatal.se
Sat Aug 9 22:29:18 UTC 2014

Control: retitle -1 Please support suspend/hibernate on non-systemd systems
Control: severity -1 wishlist

Hello Adam Boroski!

For some reason this bug shows up at the top of my Debian Maintainer
Dashboard even though I'm not involved with XFCE. Anyway, lets take the
chance to deal with the confusion in this bug report.

On Fri, Jul 18, 2014 at 02:39:44AM +0200, Adam Borowski wrote:
> As upower 0.99 drops support for suspend and hibernate, relying on it to
> provide said support is futile.  If you want to use 0.99, it must be
> provided by some other means, such as calling pm-utils directly.

The above statement contains (technical) inaccuracies, but I'll focus
on the overall wost parts of it.

Your statement makes me feel the need to quote the Debian Constitution:

"Nothing in this constitution imposes an obligation on anyone to do work for
the Project. A person who does not want to do a task which has been delegated
or assigned to them does not need to do it. However, they must not actively
work against these rules and decisions properly made under them."

I hope there's no need for me to paraphrase this.... You should also go
read the part which lists the rights of a developer.

If the XFCE maintainer feels that only supporting suspend/hibernate
through logind interfaces, then it's up to *you* to work out an
alternative solution that suits *your* needs. There's no must involved
for the maintainer.
Once you've provided a patch the maintainers should (note should, not
must!) consider your suggested solution -- to be in line with the
tech-cttes wishes to support multiple init systems when possible.
(Please note that there are many reasons to reject such a patch, so
don't be surprised if it is. I doubt there are much room for added
maintenance burden on XFCE in Debian and since it seems every project
out there are now standardising on the logind D-Bus abstraction, with
different backends implementations, using another API is probably not
worth investing time in. Instead you should probably focus on
implementing yet another backend if the ones out there doesn't suite

I also feel the need to add that I'm not aware of any /requirement/ at all
for a desktop environment in debian to support suspend/hibernate in any
form at all. If that was the case, then I bet we'd have a whole bunch of
bug reports to file.

Now that we've cleared up the confusion here, I'm adjusting the title
and severity of this bug report accordingly as you can see above.
(My interpretation was also that the maintainer considered this a
"wontfix", but I've held off on setting the tag for now.)
I'd recommend that you try to set the correct severity from the beginning in
your future feature requests. My experience is that there's a much bigger
chance a solution is actually implemented if you avoid over-inflating the
severity and use the word "please" instead of making demands.

Andreas Henriksson

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