[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#754850: upower 0.99 drops support for non-systemd

Adam Borowski kilobyte at angband.pl
Sun Aug 10 22:00:16 UTC 2014

retitle 754850 regression: no suspend/hibernate on non-systemd systems
severity 754850 grave

> > As upower 0.99 drops support for suspend and hibernate, relying on it to
> > provide said support is futile.  If you want to use 0.99, it must be
> > provided by some other means, such as calling pm-utils directly.
> If the XFCE maintainer feels that only supporting suspend/hibernate
> through logind interfaces, then it's up to *you* to work out an
> alternative solution that suits *your* needs. There's no must involved
> for the maintainer.

It would be a wishlist issue if:
1. it was a request for new functionality, or
2. the issue was cosmetic

What we have here is something that:
1. is a regression, and
2. makes the computer as a whole seriously less usable

> Once you've provided a patch the maintainers should (note should, not
> must!) consider your suggested solution 

Yes, at least one solution is simple: revert upower to the last functional

There are other ways, like using pm-utils directly, but that would require
actual work that, per your own words, we cannot force the maintainer to do.

> -- to be in line with the
> tech-cttes wishes to support multiple init systems when possible.

Which clearly states that dropping support for other init systems must not
be done without a good reason.  Here, we have:
* upower 0.9: works with systemd, sysvinit, openrc, upstart
* upower 0.99: works with systemd only
So it's a straight regression, without even giving any new functionality in

> and since it seems every project
> out there are now standardising on the logind D-Bus abstraction, with
> different backends implementations, using another API is probably not
> worth investing time in.

If so, the burden lies solely in the upower land, and it's that package that
has regressed here.

> Now that we've cleared up the confusion here, I'm adjusting the title
> and severity of this bug report accordingly as you can see above.

I'm restoring the title to a reasonable value (as it's a regression rather
than a wish).  The severity was wrong (grave vs serious), but that's a
pretty minor distinction.  It's certainly not "wishlist".

I do think, though, that this bug should be reassigned back to upower as
it's not the fault of xfce4-session, but I'm leaving this up to the

Apologies for participating in a BTS ping pong, but as the severity has been
changed by someone involved in Gnome3 rather than XFCE, I consider this
action to have been anything but unbiased.  The Gnome3 team is quite known
for its zeal towards systemd, to the exclusion of any other init system.

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