[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#752428: systemctl suspend works

Dominique Brazziel dbrazziel at snet.net
Tue Jul 22 15:48:40 UTC 2014

	But this is not optimal.  When UPower
would invoke pm-utils, I could tell systemd to
ignore Lid switch, sleep and power buttons and,
after configuring xfce4-power-manager to suspend
on each of those actions, the system would suspend
just fine.

	Now, nothing happens even after telling 
systemd to suspend on power and sleep button press
and lid close.  I have set xfce4-power-manager to
do nothing on those events, but even when instructing
it to suspend, the result was the same - no suspend.

	I guess I am confused on how this is 
_supposed_ work after the UPower / xfce4-power-manager

1.  Is 'Suspend' supposed to be selectable on
the user menu (right above shutdown)?  It is not, it 
is greyed out.

2.  What method is currently available to XFCE4 users 
to suspend the system other than su to root and 
doing 'pm-suspend' or 'systemctl suspend'?

3.  What are the settings for xfce-power-manager
and logind.conf that should enable suspend on 
lid close, power button press and sleep button press?

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