[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#762211: Bug#762211: lightdm crashes on startup, system falls back to console

Patrick Häcker pat_h at web.de
Sun Oct 5 16:42:29 UTC 2014

> > The problematic line in my setup is
> > > greeter-session=lightdm-kde-greeter
> This one has been manually added. You're basically saying lightdm the
> greeter is lightdm-kde-greeter. If you don't have it installed, then it
> obviously can't start it, so it might be worth double checking that.

Sorry for not being precise. I had and still have it installed:
> dpkg -l | grep ' lightdm'
> ii  lightdm              1.10.2-2   amd64   simple display manager
> ii  lightdm-kde-greeter  amd64   LightDM KDE greeter

But instead of being used, that line produces the following error (with 
varying memory address) crashing lightdm:
> *** Error in `/usr/sbin/lightdm': double free or corruption (fasttop): 
0x00007ff6ca2175f0 ***

> > As Fabio Rosciano has the line
> > > greeter-session=lightdm-greeter
> > in his config, too, this is very likely the culprit.
> lightdm-greeter is the correct setting, lightdm-greeter is managed using
> the alternatives system, so if you remove a greeter the system will
> switch to another greeter automatically.

Yes, but I guess that as soon as the key "greeter-session" appears in the 
config file, lightdm 1.10.2-2 crashes. It definitely does it on my computer 
with the value "lightdm-kde-greeter". I haven't checked other values, but I 
can do that if you tell me which values I should check.

> Yup, greeter-hide-users was previously set (to true)
> in /e/l/lightdm.conf, and is now set
> in /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/01_debian.conf.
> So, can you actually check which one is actually making lightdm crash?

The former one lets lightdm crash. "greeter-hide-users" does not seem to have 
anything to do with the crash. I just wanted to mention it, as the 
configuration with both keys set seems to be quite common, which is why this 
crash should be fixed without the need that everyone removes the "greeter 
session" key from his config.

Kind regards

P. S. If you can't reproduce it: Both Fabio Rosciano have an amd64 system. It 
might be different on an i386 system.
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