[Pkg-xfce-devel] gtk3.14 systray applets have awkward mouse click behaviour (was: Re: Bug#765964: mate-panel: Some notification menus hide on mouse up in notification area)

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Tue Oct 28 04:58:14 UTC 2014

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Dear maintainers of GTK3,

we received notification about a change in mouse click behaviour with  
GTK3 applets in mate-panel after upload of GTK3.14 to unstable.

Details, see inline below.

On  So 26 Okt 2014 00:35:42 CEST, Mike Gabriel wrote:

> [...]

It seems that only GTK-3 systray applets are affected by the below:


> On  So 19 Okt 2014 19:06:08 CEST, Matthew Horan wrote:

>> After a recent system update, clicking certain (redshift-gtk,
>> NetworkManager Applet) notification icons requires a persistent click in
>> order for the menu to remain open. Previously, all notification menus
>> remained open on mouse up.

>> Confusingly, some icons now remain open on mouse up, for example Steam
>> and MATE's PulseAudio volume control applet.
>> I would expect all icons to behave the same -- either remain open on
>> click (right or left click), or close on mouse up.


> I observe this, too.
> However, my feeling is that it is related to the recent GTK3 version  
> bump in Debian (to 3.14). Several GKT3 applets changed their mouse  
> interaction behaviour...
> The changed occurred within the last two weeks or so. The issue is  
> not mate-panel related, but depends on other things I currently lack  
> to oversee.
> Any idea, what this bug can be reassigned to?

I carried this around for another day or two and came to the  
conclusion, that this needs to be discussed with the libgtk-3  

Obviously, there has been a change in how systray applets get handled  
(mouse-wise) in GTK3.14. This change results in two classes of system  
tray applets. From a usability point of view, we as Debian maintainers  
should avoid this.

Unfortunately, with the GNOMEv3 desktop shell, the systray applets  
have been squeezed into some non-usable widget thing (it could be  
accessed at the right-bottom part of the desktop with wheezy, not  
tested with jessie, so far) in favour of appindicator implementations.

However, libgtk-3 is not GNOMEv3, so I would love to work together on  
a fix that provides some legacy systray applet mouse behaviour for  
non-GNOME desktop shells (I guess LXDE, XFCE, etc. are also affected  
by this, so I have Cc:ed them).



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