[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#754155: xfce4-volumed: Volume notify pops up every time a system event sound is playing

Javier Cantero jcantero at escomposlinux.org
Sun Jul 12 16:33:27 UTC 2015

I was also suffering this bug since I recently installed PulseAudio, and
I only got rid of it when I installed the package
gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio (it was not installed by pulseaudio
dependencies) and I was able to configure xfce4-mixer with a "PulseAudio
Mixer" instead of the "Alsa Mixer" (see [1])

Like I said in bug #654633, in order to xfce4-mixer let you select the
right option, after installing the package, a restart of the Xfce
session (just a logoff and relogin) is required, or it won't work.

I hope this also fix the bug in your system.

[1]: http://www.escomposlinux.org/jcantero/ld/images/xfce4-mixer-pulseaudio-choice.png

                       Saludos de Javier <jcantero at escomposlinux.org>

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