[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#787557: update

Luis Mochan mochan at fis.unam.mx
Tue Jun 16 18:17:20 UTC 2015

I made some more tests.
I can open a file named 'A B' (with a space in its name) using 
 1  exo-open 'A B'
 2  exo-open A\ B
I can also open it with thunar using
 3  thunar 'A B' 
 4  thunar A\ B
I can not open it using and URI as in
 5  exo-open file:A\ B
nor can I open it with
 6  thunar file:A\ B
In case 5 above there is an error message from thunar, unable to open 
the file A%20B. So the translation space->%20 seems to be done by 
exo-open before calling thunar.
Nevertheless, if I use the full path, not relative paths, both commands 
 7  exo-open file:/home/user/A\ B
but I can open it with thunar with the same syntax
 8  thunar file:/home/user/A\ B
It confuses me that if I introduce the escaped space by hand,
 9  exo-open file:/home/user/A%20B
 10  thunar file:///home/user/A%20B

the call 9 to exo-open fails but the call 10 to thunar does succeed. 
Could it be that exo-open is escaping the '%''s? Finally, the call
 11 thunar file:A%20B

In conclusion, it seems that exo-open fails when it is handed a URI with 
spaces replaced by %20. 

My problem is that calibre uses exo-open and makes the replacement 
before calling it. I'm made up an ugly solution: I put in my path a fake 
exo-open that replaces back %20's to spaces before calling the real 




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