[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#779778: xfce4-power-manager: Transition to libsystemd

biebl at debian.org biebl at debian.org
Wed Mar 4 17:31:02 UTC 2015

Source: xfce4-power-manager
Version: 1.4.1-2
Severity: normal
User: pkg-systemd-maintainers at lists.alioth.debian.org
Usertags: libsystemd


In systemd v209, released over a year ago, the various libsystemd-* libraries
(libsystemd-journal.so, libsystemd-login.so, libsystem-daemon.so,
libsystemd-id128.so) were merged into a single libsystemd.so library to reduce
code duplication and avoid cyclic dependencies [1].

Your package declares a build-dependency on either libsystemd-daemon-dev,
libsystemd-login-dev or libsystemd-journal-dev.

Please update your package so it can be built against libsystemd.

Updating the configure check / build system
If your package use pkg-config and autotools, a typical configure check
looks like:

 PKG_CHECK_MODULES(FOO, libsystemd-login)
All you need to do, is change that to

If there are checks for libsystemd-journal, libsystemd-login and
libsystemd-journal, you can merge that into a single check:

 PKG_CHECK_MODULES(FOO, libsystemd-login)
 PKG_CHECK_MODULES(BAR, libsystemd-daemon)
 PKG_CHECK_MODULES(BAZ, libsystemd-journal)

BAR_{CFLAGS,LIBS} and BAZ_{CFLAGS,LIBS} need to be updated accordingly.

If you/upstream wants to support building against older versions of systemd,
you can update the configure check as follows:

 PKG_CHECK_MODULES(FOO, libsystemd-login)
 PKG_CHECK_MODULES(FOO, libsystemd,, [PKG_CHECK_MODULES(FOO, libsystemd-login)])

See [2] as an example how to do that.

Updating Build-Depends
Please replace the Build-Depends on libsystemd-*-dev with libsystemd-dev [3].
I would recommend against adding alternative Build-Depends against the old
dev packages. This is not necessary, since libsystemd-dev is already provided
in jessie.

Debian jessie already ships with libsystemd-dev, so this change is safe
regarding backports.

Please consider forwarding this upstream. In some cases upstream might already
have a fix for that

Thanks for considering.

on behalf of the pkg-systemd team.

[1] http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/systemd-devel/2014-February/017146.html
[2] http://cgit.freedesktop.org/NetworkManager/NetworkManager/commit/?id=8f6317f88a3ca3f42cf72137bb033b4a020b7b82
[3] http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-utopia/network-manager.git/commit/?id=69b95405b07fc2a5833dfcbe18c9229706c2104e

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