[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#843392: perhaps a -gtk2 version for stretch would be a good idea?

Adam Borowski kilobyte at angband.pl
Sun Dec 4 17:18:13 UTC 2016

There's no hope fixing keyboard switching for stretch, right?

If so, I believe it'd be a good idea to reintroduce a GTK2 version until
upstream fixes this -- either you or me could do it.  The lack of such a
basic functionality makes xfce4-terminal unfit for serious use -- many of us
have 10+ tabs per monitor -- with more on other workspaces.  Being able to
switch conveniently is vital: that's why console has Alt-F1..F12[1], screen
has Ctrl-a 1, irssi has Alt-1, etc.

In theory, I could use mate-terminal which does this part right (on GTK3!)
but then, mate-terminal sucks so in the past I used xfce4-terminal on
Gnome 2.  There's terminology that's crashy and also sucks.  Etc...


[1]. 6 VTs being too few to even comfortably bring X back up.
u-boot problems can be solved with the help of your old SCSI manuals, the
parts that deal with goat termination.  You need a black-handled knife, and
an appropriate set of candles (number and color matters).  Or was it a
silver-handled knife?  Crap, need to look that up.

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