[Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#846977: Bug#846977: thunar: thumbnail for rotated jpeg appears as unrotated

Mike Kupfer mkupfer at alum.berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 8 04:02:08 UTC 2016

Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:

> So you have a jpeg file /path/to/file.jpg, you open /path/to with Thunar and
> the thumbnail is generated. Then you open the file in Shotwell, rotate it,
> then save the rotated file in /path/to/other/file.jpg. Then when you open
> /path/to/other in Thunar the thumbnail is already there and is not rotated.

No, the image was imported directly from the camera to Shotwell on a
Jessie system.  I'm afraid I don't remember how I got the image out of

Hmm.  If I look at the directory in Shotwell's storage area using any of
Thunar, Nautilus, or Caja, the file appears unrotated (landscape
orientation).  It has an md5sum of


and jpegexiforient says it has an Exif Orientation Tag of 1.

Maybe I rotated the file outside Shotwell (e.g., using Eye of GNOME or
Eye of MATE).  But I think that trying to figure out how I produced the
image is a distraction.

I have a copy of the sample file (message #10 of the bug report) in a
separate folder, on both the Jessie system and the Stretch VM that I
submitted the bug from.  The md5sum for this file is


and jpegexiforient says it has an orientation of 8.

On Jessie:

If I open that folder using Caja or Nautilus, the sample file appears
rotated.  If I open the same folder using Thunar, it appears unrotated.
(I can have both Caja and Thunar open at the same time; Caja shows the
image rotated, Thunar shows it unrotated.)

If I open the sample file using GIMP, I get a popup saying that the exif
data says the image should be rotated and do I want to do that.  If I
click on Rotate, I get the rotated image.  If I dismiss the popup, I get
the unrotated image.  So perhaps with Thunar the exif data is getting
ignored when the thumbnail is generated.

On Stretch:

It depends on which program I run first.  If I delete the cached
thumbnails and then view the folder using Caja, both Caja and Thunar
show the image as rotated.  If I clear the thumbnail cache again and
then view the folder using Thunar, both Caja and Thunar show the image
as unrotated.  (I guess with Stretch they share the same thumbnail

I hope this gives you the information you were looking for.  If not, let
me know what I missed and I'll try again.


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