[Pkg-xfce-devel] bugreport xfce4-screenshoter

Ульянич Михаил ulianich_mihail at ukr.net
Thu Mar 24 20:35:25 UTC 2016

xfce4-screenshoter works in background and makes system slowly


1) bind "xfce4-screenshoter --region" to "Print Screen" key in your favorite way

1.1) I did it via "xbindkeys". How to use "xbindkeys":
1.2) install package xbindkeys
1.3) create a text file "~/.xbindkeysrc" and type:

"xfce4-screenshooter --region"

1.4) run a command "xbindkeys"

2) press the button "Print Screen" and wait few seconds (xfce4-screenshoter must run in several exempares)
3) select a region and close xfce4-screenshoter window
4) wait as long as you can...
5) look processes (you can use "top")
6) find xfce4-screenshoter
7) =( get upset
8) if you use bash type "killall xfce4-screensh" and press "Tab"
9) if xfce4-screenshoter is running autocomplete will change "killall xfce4-screensh" to "killall xfce4-screenshoter"
10) kill all xfce4-screenshoters (if you want)

sorry for my english
please, write me about my errors if you answer

Ульянич Михаил <ulianich_mihail at ukr.net>

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