[Pkg-xfce-devel] mousepad bug

Jeremy Schneider jeremy.schneider at ardentperf.com
Tue May 31 14:51:38 UTC 2016

Dear mousepad/xfce maintainers,

I'm running Jessie and I think that I'm hitting a known bug where it's
impossible to print anything without line numbers all over it. Seems to
me like it's this bug:


I can't quite tell which version it was fixed in; might be fixed in
mousepad 0.4. The fix seems to be a rather small/simple patch.


Is there any chance we could get a fixed version of mousepad to be
available in Jessie? A newer version of mousepad containing the fix on
the backports channel, or just a maintenance release of 0.3.0 in the
updates channel with the one-off patch applied? I'm still learning
exactly what sorts of bugs Debian will consider fixing in stable, but
wanted to ask since this issue is a real nuisance to me.



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